"how to live a healthy life?"


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Do you also wanna start a new habit and start eating healthy, well i have some small tips that will improve your diet.

fruits and vegetables

A lot of people think that if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables that it will change your body faster and thats right because fruit and vegetables are really good for you but it will not change your body if you eat too much fruit and vegetables because it is still food. It is all the same if you eat the same amount of unhealthy food or healthy food, it is just about the amount and the calories if you wanna change your body.

here are some low calorie fruits and vegetables:

lower calorie food swaps 

If you wanna start a healthy diet then you have to change some of your meals.

like in the morning a lot of people dont have time to make a good healthy meal and they just take a toast and some meat or nothing. but something you would better never do is skiping your meals because you need to eat 3 times a day it is good because it will reduce more fat. but make sure that all the 3 meals are high in protein and low in calories. so dont eat nothing or just a unhealthy toast but try to make time for a healthy breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, fruit, advocado toast and more.

for lunch you can have a salad or fish or healthy pasta's there are a lot of healthy things you can chose.         

and for dinner you can have something like fish, brown rice with vegetables or healthy burgers.                       there is alo a lot of chose in dinner.


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